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The Convoy release Astral Lantern Seed

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Astral Lantern Seed

Astral Lantern Seed is the first work in an archival series of releases documenting unexpected circumstances of creative transience.  ‘Seeds’ are latent recordings of spontaneous and emerging soundings uncovered while  exploring other sonic landscapes. ‘Seeds’ enshrine the valuable source potential of creative unfoldings and flourishings, honouring  that potential unto itself.

Daydreams, lookouts and roadstops. Postcards of places we have visited along the way.

Common Household Ceremony

Tuesday, February 19th, 2019

An experimental improvised solo jam, this time focused around an aleatoric sequencer, glockenspiel robots and samples pulled from community radio.

An Antique Automobile Slowly Sinking Into The Earth

Thursday, January 31st, 2019

I’m starting to release pieces of music that don’t fit in one way or another with the other stuff I have been making so ended up getting a bit discarded. I’m going to keep adding to this album to build a kind of musical lost and found.

These are the first couple of tracks…

But it would seem like a roaring black abyss to a small bird or an overly sensitive person is a track based around collage’d ukelele, the singing nunn and a cb radio how-to record. It’s a more pure collage piece of music than most I’ve made recently and it develops and collapses very quickly, but I’m still happy with it.

Among the Twigs is a piece experimenting with bowed guitar, granular synthesis and processing vocals through so much resonance they become abstracted and washy.

Available here


Kindling Guts

Wednesday, January 23rd, 2019

I’ve started recording the improvised music I make so it doesn’t just disappear as even when the piece doesn’t work out entirely I often find little bits and pieces that I like and can build on later.

This jam centers around a violin is running through the microkorg vocoder. With a slow latched arpeggio it enables me to harmonise the violin with the microkorg to some extent and suggest different, shifting harmonies even when playing a monophonic line on the violin. I think this idea has a lot of potential, I just really need to learn to play the violin properly and the vocoder could probably use less washed out ambient-treatment to make the shifting harmonies more apparent.

A Million Dead Dust Motes Hum To Life

Wednesday, December 5th, 2018

A brand new EP!

This EP encompasses the music I’ve made recently that have explored vaguely synth-pop spaces. While still sharing space with samples and acoustic instruments, these tracks seemed to work together because they all kept vocals and synthesized sounds in the forefront.

Available on bandcamp here >


Indi Remix

Saturday, December 1st, 2018

I have recently had the opportunity to work with the fantastic composer/musician indi

Her Album Precipice is honestly stunning and I was lucky enough to be able to remix the track ‘Airportal’.

The track is available on the Japanese release of the album via 2670records

It will be released streaming style around January for the UK release

Honoured to work with such an amazing musician!

Here is her brilliant album

Return from the swamp

Friday, November 30th, 2018

The time has come to crawl out of the swamp and start releasing some of the art and music I’ve been making.

In the past I’ve tried to make paperghost (while still sitting between genres) a somewhat focused effort but in the future I’m not going to be so precious about levels of polish and wild genre variations as I’ve found that I often enjoy listening to jams and off-genre bits and pieces musicians create as much as their more polished work.

With that in mind one of the projects I have been playing around with is starting to record live improv jams. This was my first experiment (state of the art cellphone filming quality), its edited down and if you stay with it my cat lenny shows up at the end, busts shit up, and you can see her awesome nub tail bomp around…


Thursday, November 29th, 2018

Thanks to those who donated to the Boosted campaign Stella and Jason were able to travel to Edinburgh for the Fringe Festival & show the fifth season of The Basement Tapes, 29 times in a single month at Summerhall!

Awards were won (Fringe First & Best Performance), shows were sold out & people had many nice things to say, including the following reviews:

“…superb use of the basement space at Summerhall, maximising its potential for claustrophobia and intimacy.”The Stage, UK

“Static builds, rattling and roaring. Thomas Lambert’s sound design adds almost imperceptible layers to the haunting – or, layers you don’t notice until it’s far too late. The lighting is subtle – until a fuse has blown, and you’re alone in the dark with a disembodied voice asking more questions than anyone could answer. As the line between reality, memory and… something else… becomes blurrier, you’ll be grateful if you’re sat with your back against the wall.”The Skinny, UK

Next up, Perth! Jan/Feb 2019

Connect with the space outside of your skin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

I’ve got the outline of a circle tattooed on my forearm. It serves to remind me that what is inside the boundary is the same as what is outside of the boundary. The beautiful thing about working with sound is that it constantly enhances a sense of the borderlessness of self and other, you and the environment that you are in/of. A sounding is initiated well before it becomes audible, welling from deep within the sounding ‘object’ and to be heard the vibration must pass into another being, being received by the entirety of the being. ‘You’ extend all the way out, ‘It’ reaches all the way in. The environment here is very present, filled with very tangible and powerful presence; as well as soft delicate beauty ease and unfolding. Forming connection with this new land has been a very deep honour, in states of deep listening I’ve been treated to some deep moments of awe and connection with environment, being here and in it has allowed me to form new ways of being. Everything reflecting back on itself infinitely.

I’ve noticed here that everything melds together, everything is constantly becoming one again.

The trees merge together, not shying apart.
Caressing, supporting, filtering, under and over. Roots weave, cascade, mingle, hold.
No clear distinction as to who is who.
Separation dissolves to merged oneness of the greater, larger being.
Infinite variety and paths
Curves, returns
Growing together

I journey to Pari-whero on a day with never ending rain. I’ve been told I must visit.

Māori stories tell of Kupe (a great Polynesian explorer, who named the islands in Wellington Harbour after his daughters) leaving to explore further, away for so long that his people despaired. In grief, the daughters stood on the rocks and gashed themselves, in another version one of his daughters threw herself from the cliff tops to the rocks below. Gashed or dashed.  The place became known as Pari-whero. Red with the blood of Kupe’s daughters.

I stand on a red rock, sinking into the place
Through the rain a segment of rainbow appears
Struck by the beauty/awe/blessing of the moment – grief and deep old emotion wells up
I close my eyes, let out a sob, a tear falls from each eye.
I reopen my eyes and the rainbow has grown, reaching all the way to meet the ocean


It’s a very eternal woman’s place. I feels like I have been one in a line of many that have stood in that place and had the ocean and the rocks reach up, draw out and release grief. I feel connected to a line of women reaching back to the ancients feeling, holding, releasing.

Many times I have found myself moved (and at times overwhelmed) by how much spirit is infused into the landscape here. I’ve never had so much unseen ‘speak’ so loudly. Here I’ve experienced the tangible presence of larger and deeper intelligences. I’ve tuned in as it’s tuned me in, listening deeply we’ve met on a wavelength. Impressions passed, intuiting the inexpressible, communications had.

Euclidian geometry has no place here. A cold hard conceptual system so far removed from what manifests on this physical plane as to be redundant. Everything curves, bends and twists. An intelligence so great as to be unrecreatable by the human mind, yet if we flow we can move with it. To think that the monkeys that came out of, and were shaped by these forces/intelligence could ever be capable of mastery over the Mother is a dangerous fantasy, the adherence to which quickens our path to destruction every day.

Reflections on Water

Friday, August 31st, 2018

Water is the vital source. Its the heart and everything that circulates. It moves endlessly yet it’s eddies and patterns remain constant. There is water everywhere here. Springing and welling up from deep within the hills and mountains. Oceans surround.

It is the quality of the water in the bay that I first experience and am struck by. It’s clarity and it’s softness. The beauty of light refracting and reflecting through water astounds me so nearly every day I head to the bay to watch the patterns on the water. I experience the quality of the water as a reflection of all that surrounds. I’m fascinated by the shapes of the ripples, waves and motion – so much movement, in so many directions, created by so many forces, all happening at once (it is all one). I remember that a drop of water in the ocean remains itself in the same position, it’s not carried away, but remains through this motion. Easily ceding motion on one plane. All that is, and all that works upon it simply passes over / through. There is deep beauty and magic in the reveal of ‘invisible’ workings.

My reflections on water expand after it first rains while I’m here. I walk after the rains in Wellington, following a path I’ve followed before, the streams enlivened and multiplied. I note:

Everywhere is bleeding water
It springs from under the earth
Rises, bubbling through the
bitumen and asphalt

An abundance pushes through
moves down stream
Collecting, amassing, gaining
momentum and gravity
Slowing, spreading
languishing in holding pools,
it’s path destroyed

Too much to be contained
rises like a fountain
and recreates its way

I’ve been lucky enough to spend a little time outside of the city, dwelling on a beautiful farm and it’s wild places/powerful reserves. Here, for the first time in my life I sat by a hill and listened to the sound of water emerging drop by drop from a hillside. It is one of the most precious and delicate things I have ever heard. I don’t try to record it. We are in the transition to spring, and true to it’s name life springs into being, blossoms from hard exteriors everywhere around. I open with it, propelled along in my journey by the natural forces, so very vital and present on this land. In these streams I see the patterns of life, double helix’s and spirals abound in its flow. Weaving its way down. Tumbling and turning in on itself, reviving as it goes.

As I move through my time here it’s the abundance of vital water that resonants through my being and fills my cup. I wrote a little last time about the harshness of Australia and my internal landscape. The contrast has become even starker now; between the drought at home, people killing their live.stock (itself holding new spring life on the cusp of blooming) for compassion, unable to keep the struggle going without the arrival of this precious (re)source and the feeling I get here – of life constantly unfolding, unfurling out over the top of itself in beautiful curved messes. Here I watch lambs being born, flowers blooming and ferns eternally emanating outwards.

Watching Australian politics, I despair for our humanity (Nauru, continuing genocide of the profound culture of Aboriginal ‘Australia’, fostered racism, etc etc) Is it the lack of water that leads to this aggressive, loveless, fearful, defensive mode of being? What happens to the world as access to this (re)source dries up, or is increasingly polluted by large heartless companies? What kind of a world will we live to see? (I’ve had dreams of the ‘start’ of the ‘end’)