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Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Released today, The Convoy, from their Transmission Party at Magnet Melbourne in July 2017. Slow-building washes of percussion, guitar & 1/4″ tape:

“…Tides of distant, thunderous drum swelled and receded while ominous guitar ambience gave voice to a world awakening. Soundscapes were endowed with a kind of sentience that spoke themes of cyclic evolution and regeneration, varied waves of intensity growing exponentially, each time returning as if a new incarnation, born from the eroded memory of sections before…” (Will Tremain)


Friday, November 17th, 2017

Sums & Collisions is a new experimental series by Sonorous Circle to feature rare or one-off collaborations.

The first in the series is FIR·MA·MENT, a video by TRISTAN J BROOKS, filmed in Israel, Iran and Turkey, with music edited from an improvisation between Esoterror, I.RYOKO & Matt Faisandier (of THE CONVOY) in Wellington, NZ. Watch here & read on for Brooks’ ideas behind the video…

“This work is compiled of footage I took during a trip to the Middle East – from Israel, Iran and Turkey. Two interlinked threads guide this video. First, a personal fascination with mysticism that drove me to the Middle East – a mysticism that is now largely concealed in the Middle East, buried under politics. I grew up Catholic. Spending time in Hiruharama (Jerusalem) up the Whanganui river living with the Sisters of Compassion when my mother died resurrected my youth’s fascination with biblical mysticism, but in a darker way (through grief). This resurrection created a connection with the Middle Eastern Jerusalem, and a curiosity to seek out mysticism in the flesh. Jerusalem became a pilgrimage of sorts for me.”

“On arrival, I found that the Middle East’s current soul is almost an antithesis to the mystic nature of its recorded past. It is a medley of lifestyles, passion and emotional connections that is blanketed by monoist theocratic/political governments. Looking over the footage on my return, the political gravity/bleakness was almost too overt. I wanted to draw out, and play with, the grandiose of faith, ideologies and mysticism that still underhandedly rests in the Middle East’s belly. So second, I drew on the montage and discontinuous editing techniques from early Russian film theorists Sergei Eisenstein and Lev Kuleshov. Eisenstein and Kuleshov recognised that the meaning of an image/video is derived from the images/videos surrounding it. When moving images are placed in a string of uncontextual narratives, especially a moving image with its Hegelian antithesis, complex and twisted meanings (or Hegelian Syntheses) can emerge. I hoped that stringing together my footage in Eisenstein and Kuleshov’s shadow would provide space for both its mysticism to seep through, and to confuse regular narratives conveyed about the Mid-East.”Tristan J Brooks


Monday, July 24th, 2017

From Void, unbounded empty (w)hole
Divide, unravel and lift untold
Arcane structure, present form
Diversify in Unity

Sound, resound and resonate
In strength our voices fill our plates
Hyper-colour stories here translate
Transfigured destiny

Opening into altered other
Spectral offerings from Mother, Father
Level the world in travelling far beyond
Fissures in Harmony.”

So begins this epic album by THE CONVOY. 58 minutes of intense, dynamic and complex sound!

Conjured with electric guitar (Matt Faisandier), percussion & tape (Erin K Taylor), ‘not sax’ (Lloyd Honeybrook) & vocals (Carly Fern), Heh was recorded and refined in the resonant spaces of Magnet Studios in Melbourne. Immersion recommended!

For similarly entrancing visual stimulation, check their latest video by Scott McLachtlie (+ more here):

Further info at : and SC.


Friday, July 21st, 2017

A big, belated welcome to NEW DAWN and MOTTE who have this year joined the collective!

New Dawn


Canterbury drone queens, Anita Clark and Indira Force, combine forces on the first NEW DAWN release, The Dying Light.

As ‘Album of the Week’ on The Spinoff in January it was described as ambient soundscapes that are at once beautiful and harsh. If words like ‘textural’, ‘layered’ and ‘cosmic’ give you warm feelings, this five-track project should be emanating from your speakers ASAP.”

Listen here:


Anita’s solo-project MOTTE – comprised of violin, loop & voice – is complemented on her album, Strange Dreams, with synth work by Indira.

The album was praised by Sunday Star Times reviewer Grant Smithies who wrote, “I’m smitten by this record… The six tracks here make sly references to traditional violin phrasing from folk music and gypsy jazz… It’s a burnished, hovering, ever-mutating sound, beautiful and anxious by turns.”

Listen here:

Both albums are available for digital download and on very limited edition cassette tape from our online store or from Death Ray Records in Newtown, Wellington.

You can also get Motte’s ‘Strange Dreams’ on vinyl thru Coco Muse Releases.

Thanks for reading, lots more soon!


Tuesday, May 23rd, 2017

Today we welcome a new member!

Haunts, aka Stephanie Engelbrecht, is a Wellington-based sound-designer and percussionist who kindly brings us a calming dose of ambient metallic tones in the form of her Room 303 EP. Listen here & download at will:

Room 303 is a reference to the home of Wellington’s two Indonesian Gamelan sets at the New Zealand School of Music, from which these sounds are sourced. More info on the incredible ensembles, Gamelan Padhang Moncar (Javanese) and Gamelan Taniwha Jaya (Balinese), at their website here.

For more info on Haunts check her page and for those of you in Wellington be sure to come along to the Pyramid Club on June 2nd for her release party with The Convoy (AU) & I.Ryoko!


Saturday, May 20th, 2017

We are excited to share with you the first (and eponymous) track and accompanying video work from Melbourne-based experimental group The Convoy.

This marks the beginning of a journey of discrete and connected releases interlacing to form a larger album/work/narrative titled ‘Heh’.

“Atmospheres immerse and envelop via abstracted, organic and mesmeric audio visual emissions. Here exists a static surface tension, perpetually and intimately comforting, only to be inevitably obliterated by sheer and momentous walls of noise.”

The narrative continues with the next track, “Rainbow Bridge” due for release Wednesday the 31st May. The Convoy are supporting the album release with a NZ tour in June.

Listen here:
More information at:


Sunday, April 23rd, 2017


Sean Kelly, aka SETH FRIGHTENING, is moving to Germany this week!

While this marks the end of an era for New Zealand’s craftiest avant-folkster, more to the point it’s the start of a new one. We’ll miss him greatly but so too will we delight in the thought of his legendary talent sparking up the minds of searching souls on the flip side of the world.


He begins with the release of a new track from his forthcoming album. As usual it’s personal, poetic & beautifully layered with unconventional instrumentation – all recorded, mixed and mastered by the dude himself. Listen here:


If you’re in Europe, don’t be shy! This wonderful chap is in the market for friends, shows, tours, labels, management, possibly even a place to live? So please get in touch! (sethfrightening @ gmail dot com)

First show in Berlin this Sunday 30th April with WHITE WINGED MOTH (NZ), PAUL BEAUCHAMP (IT) & BLEEDINGBLACKWOOD.


Friday, February 12th, 2016

Neo-folk artist Womb today brings to life a compelling new video for gently anthemic second single ‘Teresa’.

The video transports the song into a world of limitlessly reeling digital landscapes. The director, Tristan Joseph Brooks, calls on the sublime element of digital realms, exploring the never-ending wormholes of unused and decaying digital spaces:

“I spent weeks ‘location scouting’ in Second Life”, he explains. “Exploring these vast empty worlds, my avatar became non-existent… I tried to touch abstractly on ideas of loneliness and the idea of being somewhere but not really belonging. Growing out of one world and into another.”

The beauty and futility in fathoming this territory ties perfectly with the sense of loneliness and abstract longing conveyed in the song itself. Brooks’ vast infinitudes of digital landscapes are punctuated by comparatively ‘real’ visual renderings of Womb (aka Charlotte Forrester). She stands spectral-like, as though transmitting a message from an unknown palace lost in the ruins of the internet.

Check out the premiere feature & interview with Charlotte & Tristan at The Wireless!


Monday, January 4th, 2016

I don’t know what the lambs get up to but this lovely pair of humans had a productive 2015!

Sean Kelly (Seth Frightening) and Claire Duncan (I.E.Crazy) with Midnight and Lamb #2.
Thanks Veronica CP and Joseph Griffen for the photo!

It began with Seth Frightening‘s release of But We Love Our Brothers And Sisters – his sixth in as many years & the latest in a back catalogue of unrelenting brilliance. Direct and personal while still poetic, haunting, beautiful and always in that unmistakeable Seth Frightening style.


‘…his music is full of ugly emotions. Themes include, but are not limited to; death, sex, abortion, loneliness and existential frustration, told through layers of self-deprecation and home recorded charm. It’s heavy stuff, but far from being intimidated by such subject matters, Kelly finds writing about them therapeutic’.

“I write sad songs, but I don’t write them for you to feel sorry for me. I write them because it empowers me.” – Sean Kelly

Delve into this insightful review/interview by Sam Carswell for NZ Musician > Ugly Sounds Of Undeniable Beauty


In November, Sean and his equally talented and radical accomplice Claire Duncan (I.E.Crazy / Dear Time’s Waste) toured the country to empathise with folks and promote his vinyl that had not yet arrived. Alas, it soon after came – fashionably late in beautiful bone tone – and has since been dispatched via a network of couriers. Email if you want one!

Seth Vinyl


“To celebrate having lapped the sun 28 times without yet flying directly into it, I’m loosing this limping beast of a song into the world.” So wrote Claire on her birthday as she released her first track under the name I.E.Crazy:

The project is a distinct departure from previous work as Dear Time’s Waste, now expressing a harder-edged character. ‘A jilted lover’, ‘a “psycho ex”, a “crazy bitch”‘, she explains of the lyrics to You’re A Stranger To Me Now (#1 on the ODT’s 2015 NZ Singles of the Year list : D)


Be delighted and/or disturbed by Claire’s “water-related analogies” and more in this up front interview with Emma Smith on RNZ’s Music 101:


Lastly (but not leastly) check out this incredible Seth & I.E cover of the Shocking Pinks song, Nostalgia, released as part of a collection by A Low Hum in November:

What will 2016 bring from these talented two? Keep your ears & eyes pinned & pealed!


Wednesday, May 20th, 2015

Hey-hooray! Today the dream-folk songstress, Charlotte Forrester, brings us her debut, self-titled, solo release as Womb! Five stunning tracks that speak for themselves… Stream below or pay-as-you-like to download. Pretty t-shirts to follow!

Mix & master by Sean Kelly (Seth Frightening).
Cover art by Georgette Brown.