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Friday, February 14th, 2020

“Works For Loudspeakers is a quarterly listening party showcasing emerging and established composers. Every edition is different, and curated to give a platform for non-performative sound-based composition – music that would usually not have a public outlet.” More info & previous WFLS editions here: Works for Loudspeakers


Works for Loudspeakers is currently on hiatus and inviting input from you, the sonic arts community, into how to move forward sustainably. More info here. Please have a read and get in touch!


Tuesday, April 9th, 2019


Kia ora! Do you wanna put some sound into people’s brains while they walk some Wellington streets? Now’s your chance!

On May 1st – 4th there will be a Pyramid Club festival (more info here) and as part of this we’re putting together a ‘sound walk’ for headphones that will go from Thistle Hall (Cuba St), past Third Eye, through Pukeahu Park, Haining St, Frederick Street (Freds), Vivian St (Happy/ Puppies) and up Taranaki St to the Pyramid Club.

There’s some planned stops on the way and also some boring industrial cityscapes that will need enlivening with sounds provided by the community (aka YOU!).

It could be anything audio, of any quality – from spoken word, experimental music, poetry, oral history, field recordings, etc! It could be serious, silly, interesting, personal, political or all or none of the above! This is an experimental music festival so you can pretty much do what you want (just don’t be an asshole).

HOWEVER! Depending on the suitability, number and duration of snippets received they will likely be edited into clips anywhere between 10s to a few minutes, or maybe even mashed with other sounds to fit the overall experience – so try not to be too precious (or let us know if you are! That’s fine too : ).

Please register your interest asap and/or submit snippets by Saturday 27th April > EMAIL:

THANKYOU! Talk soon : )


Monday, March 11th, 2019

Listening events:

7pm, 28 February 2019
@ Pyramid Club

7pm, 13 March 2019
@ Strange Haven

Huge thanks to the composers & venues for their talent, time & space!


Thursday, July 12th, 2018


“‘Royal Oil’ is the first single to be released from the All Seeing Hand’s forthcoming album ‘Syntax Error’; it tempts you to buy the seductive tale of off planet resource exploitation and the infinite abundance achievable for those visionaries with the power to make it happen.”

“We live in a time where a satellite disco ball joins the carcass of a car as decorations for our planet’s aura. Corporates and lawyers are exporting capitalism out to engulf all space, asserting flags of greed and vanity are the natural order, already flying in places as yet unreached.

Although the story is bleak, we are left with a melodic line that doesn’t sing this false ecology; with ears open we can sing to the stars with hope, we can transform our egos to embrace a future full of explorers of wonder and humility.

We are living a Syntax Error. The Program is broken. Let us take this opportunity to change the code.”

Full album out August 1st + Aotearoa tour begins 27th July! > Get tickets here <


Our current Artist in Residence at Magnet Melbourne, Sam Longmore (NZ), is kindly offering us an insight to his thoughts & working process through a daily blog entry. > Follow it here <

The Cave/ Bunker at Magnet Melbourne

Sam Longmore Melbourne Residency, Works for Loudspeakers, All Seeing Hand announce new album and more…

Saturday, July 7th, 2018

Hello friends! Our approaching 10th birthday has provided much impetus to get busy – there are lots of exciting announcements here and plenty more to come! Here goes…

Sonorous Circle & Magnet Studios Artist in Residence 2018: Sam Longmore

Sonorous Circle and Magnet Studios are pleased to announce the first eponymous Artist in Residence program featuring Auckland-based sonic artist Sam Longmore.

With a fundamentally timbral approach to live performance, Longmore’s works tease subtle differences from dense clusters of processed field recordings and pure tones. Manipulations of volume and delicate shifts in pitch immerse listeners, evolving with focused precision. In doing so, Longmore frequently places ‘traditional’ techniques of drone- and noise-music in relation to the popular, pleasing sonics explored online under the umbrella, ‘ASMR’.

At a general level of concept, his work seeks to emphasise the manner in which acoustic and environmental contexts influence listening experiences, while also highlighting the corporeal nature of audition through the manipulation of pitches at the limits of hearing.

Over the course of his two weeks in residence, Longmore will develop a site-specific, quadraphonic composition to be premiered in Magnet’s Spatial Studio on the 21st July.

Also performing on the night will be Erin K Taylor and Dale Gorfinkel & Friends.

Sam’s visit is proudly supported by the New Zealand Music Commission Outward Sound scheme.

Callout – Works For Loudspeakers No. 16 – (Winter, 2018)

Works For Loudspeakers is a quarterly listening party – founded by Emi Pogoni in 2014 – showcasing emerging and established composers. Every edition is different, and curated to give a platform for non-performative, sound-based composition – music that would usually not have a public outlet.

In this spirit, Sonorous Circle welcomes composers – emerging and established, local and otherwise – to submit sound-based compositions of 3-10 minutes duration (.wav/.aif) to be played in friendly, close-listening environments in Auckland and Wellington (event details below).

If you would like to submit a piece or would like more information, please email us at and/or stream/download the archive here >

Submissions due: 9am 22nd July 2018

The All Seeing Hand Join the Circle & Announce Upcoming Album & Tour

The All Seeing Hand are excited to announce the upcoming release of their new album Syntax Error and their joining of the Sonorous Circle collective.

Syntax Error is an album reflecting the cognitive dissonance of this very real dystopian future that we are presently in. The tracks explore some of the contradictions that coexist in this complex moment, where seemingly all truths claim a capital T, and both the virtual and physical world are becoming a manifestation of a troubled mind.

But with contradiction there is also hope, a striving for a new truth that recognises multiple voices; there is meditation, mediation, and reflection; there are communities navigating healing and growth; a troubled mind seeks peace.

Syntax Error, the fifth album from The All Seeing Hand, will be released on August 1st. Stay tuned for a single release and NZ tour dates in the coming weeks! Til then get primed on their previous releases >

Thanks for listening! Talk soon : )


Monday, April 2nd, 2018

Hanno Leichtman

Hanno Leichtmann is a Romanian-born German sound-artist currently in Aotearoa as the Artist in Residence at the Goethe Institute. His sound is “emblematic of a wave of minimalist, cerebral electronic music” echoing the work of seminal composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley.

If that’s your thang have a listen below & catch it live at one of the following shows if you can!

AUCKLAND – 6th April
@ Audio Foundation w/ Sam Longmore ( get tickets )

WELLINGTON – 14th April
@ Pyramid Club w/ Droszkhi


Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Another great WFLS compilation is out thanks to curator Emi Pogoni. Listen here:

This one features Emi Pogoni, Indira Force (New Dawn, Indi), Nathan Taare (E.N.T), Erin K. Taylor (The Convoy) & Thomas Arbor (I.Ryoko), Alexa Casino, Sam Longmore, Jon Panther & Dan Haines.

For those unaware, Works for Loudspeakers is a seasonal listening event held in various Wellington venues and at the Audio Foundation in Auckland. Get in touch if you would like to submit a work for performance. Previous compilations can be heard here >


Saturday, January 20th, 2018

Wellington-based sound artists, Olivia Webb and Flo Wilson, have been collaborating over the past two months as part of the Toi Pōneke Arts Centre & New Zealand School of Music’s Sound Art residency program.

Their joint exhibition, Attunement, “features new sound and performance works that explore the voice and identity.”

In addition to this, the artists will be holding two free public workshops “focussing on modes of attunement and embodied listening” (2pm, 22nd & 29th January).

“These participatory sessions will explore ideas of attunement, and include a series of deep listening exercises. Participants will explore ways that sound and their own voice can be used as a tool to understand other people, places, and environments…”

“We think listening is a crucial response to the habits within Western culture that privilege speech and being heard over listening to and receiving others.“

The workshops are around 2-hours long and will include an afternoon tea. All welcome!

Check it out in the Toi Pōneke public gallery – 61/69 Abel Smith Street, Wellington.


Saturday, January 13th, 2018

Released today, The Convoy, from their Transmission Party at Magnet Melbourne in July 2017. Slow-building washes of percussion, guitar & 1/4″ tape:

“…Tides of distant, thunderous drum swelled and receded while ominous guitar ambience gave voice to a world awakening. Soundscapes were endowed with a kind of sentience that spoke themes of cyclic evolution and regeneration, varied waves of intensity growing exponentially, each time returning as if a new incarnation, born from the eroded memory of sections before…” (Will Tremain)


Wednesday, November 8th, 2017


THE CONVOY are playing a festival at this amazing spot in the Dandenong Ranges outside Melbourne this weekend!

We got a chance to check the place out a few weeks ago – here’s some pics & further info:

Birdsland is a 75 hectare bushland reserve supporting native birds and plants. It’s also home to the Southern Dandenong Community Nursery and some community buildings & gardens.

The festival, HILLSCENELIVE, is “dedicated to supporting artists who take juicy risks, ask big questions, and make bold statements with their work”. Across the weekend it will feature an epic variety of sound, art, dialogue & workshops based around the theme ‘Because we don’t know what it is yet’… check the full schedule on their website.