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The Convoy release Astral Lantern Seed

Friday, April 26th, 2019

Astral Lantern Seed

Astral Lantern Seed is the first work in an archival series of releases documenting unexpected circumstances of creative transience.  ‘Seeds’ are latent recordings of spontaneous and emerging soundings uncovered while  exploring other sonic landscapes. ‘Seeds’ enshrine the valuable source potential of creative unfoldings and flourishings, honouring  that potential unto itself.

Daydreams, lookouts and roadstops. Postcards of places we have visited along the way.


Monday, January 4th, 2016

I don’t know what the lambs get up to but this lovely pair of humans had a productive 2015!

Sean Kelly (Seth Frightening) and Claire Duncan (I.E.Crazy) with Midnight and Lamb #2.
Thanks Veronica CP and Joseph Griffen for the photo!

It began with Seth Frightening‘s release of But We Love Our Brothers And Sisters – his sixth in as many years & the latest in a back catalogue of unrelenting brilliance. Direct and personal while still poetic, haunting, beautiful and always in that unmistakeable Seth Frightening style.


‘…his music is full of ugly emotions. Themes include, but are not limited to; death, sex, abortion, loneliness and existential frustration, told through layers of self-deprecation and home recorded charm. It’s heavy stuff, but far from being intimidated by such subject matters, Kelly finds writing about them therapeutic’.

“I write sad songs, but I don’t write them for you to feel sorry for me. I write them because it empowers me.” – Sean Kelly

Delve into this insightful review/interview by Sam Carswell for NZ Musician > Ugly Sounds Of Undeniable Beauty


In November, Sean and his equally talented and radical accomplice Claire Duncan (I.E.Crazy / Dear Time’s Waste) toured the country to empathise with folks and promote his vinyl that had not yet arrived. Alas, it soon after came – fashionably late in beautiful bone tone – and has since been dispatched via a network of couriers. Email if you want one!

Seth Vinyl


“To celebrate having lapped the sun 28 times without yet flying directly into it, I’m loosing this limping beast of a song into the world.” So wrote Claire on her birthday as she released her first track under the name I.E.Crazy:

The project is a distinct departure from previous work as Dear Time’s Waste, now expressing a harder-edged character. ‘A jilted lover’, ‘a “psycho ex”, a “crazy bitch”‘, she explains of the lyrics to You’re A Stranger To Me Now (#1 on the ODT’s 2015 NZ Singles of the Year list : D)


Be delighted and/or disturbed by Claire’s “water-related analogies” and more in this up front interview with Emma Smith on RNZ’s Music 101:


Lastly (but not leastly) check out this incredible Seth & I.E cover of the Shocking Pinks song, Nostalgia, released as part of a collection by A Low Hum in November:

What will 2016 bring from these talented two? Keep your ears & eyes pinned & pealed!


Sunday, January 11th, 2015

FTP is a recently-defunct gallery space and venue in Auckland. This is their compilation originally released on cassette alongside a publication of the same name. Cover cop drawing by Dylan John Scott. Tracklisting below!


RON GALLIPOLI – Stranglewek
I.E. CRAZY – An Incident on the Edge of Town (Live)
SAMIN SON – Running Drum Jump & Through
JOY DISEASE – Hang Yourself
PARK TAPES – Shimmer


NEO-WACO – Hammer from the Skies
SETH FRIGHTENING – We Hate You (But We Love Our Brothers and Sisters)
WET NURSES OF SODOM – Dross and Blackwater
HUF & BROWN – Trying Not to Think (Live)
I.RYOKO – The Mountebank
MAD OPAL – Take It

KRAUS – Can She Excuse My Wrongs
SKYMNING – October
BLANK TAPES – Satanloves
E.N.T. – Playa Policia


Friday, August 15th, 2014

Tonight (Friday) begins the audio-visual mini-fest, Exploded Cinema, at Wellington’s Film Archive, Nga Taonga. Starts at 7 and over by 9!

Friday 15th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Oona Verse and Lady Lazer Light / 7.40 Samin Son and Yousuke Fuyama / 8.20 i.ryoko

Saturday 16th:
6.30 doors / 7.00 Antony Milton / 7.40 Sign of the Hag / 8.20 Noel Meek and Olivia Webb

Thanks to John Heighes, aka Milky Joe, for putting together this compilation featuring Wellington favourites Ballah Playah Gnar, The All Seeing Hand, Orchestra of Spheres, I.Ryoko, Douglas Lilburn, Mr Sterile Assembly, The Golden Awesome, John White and MORE!

“Mixed by Milky Joe for The Society for the Promotion of A Fantastic Way of Life… Headphone listening recommended… With only a couple of exceptions this is a Wellington-centric mix, and represents a very small sample of the fantastic, extra-ordinary, implausible, astonishing, surprising, improbable, unlikely, incredible, unbelievable, shocking and Microsoft Word Synonym function worthy music being made here in Wellington, Aotearoa.”


Wednesday, May 28th, 2014

This album was created predominantly in early 2014 when I was the Artist in Residence at the Audio Foundation in Myers Park, Auckland. Further arrangement and recording done at SCHQ, Newtown, Wellington. Available now to listen/ download and pay what you like. Limited edition cassettes will be available at live performances.

Review thanks to Alex Mitcalfe Wilson ( :
“I.Ryoko is Thomas Lambert’s longest-running musical project, a musical identity that has evolved through his deep involvement with independent music and sonic art over many years. Imbued with thought and care, I.Ryoko’s latest album, Opening, is a polished suite of nine recordings that showcase Lambert’s signature juxtaposition of synthetic and recorded sound with his own nuanced voice. The overall mood is both energetic and insistent, its assemblage of sounds challenging the listener and demanding their full attention.

Each of the album’s parts is arranged with a keen attention to rhythm, narrative and flow that is rare in abstract music; their striking sonic contrasts arranged with a singular dedication to the construction of an emergent, collective whole. The tracks oscillate between swollen, overlapping tonal peaks and rigorous, stripped-back arrangements that resonate in empty time.

Throughout Opening, Lambert’s control of soundscape is elegant and light-handed. Mixing each of its tracks for the maximum of sonic richness and emotional impact, he created an album that follows in the strongest traditions of exploratory electronic music while taking stock of the latest possibilities of digital sound. Opening is, at all of its diverse moments, an immersive listening experience that demands attention, constantly reminding the listener of its composer’s expertise and his drive to tell the stories of our world.”


Thursday, May 2nd, 2013

Check out this sweeeeet couple of tracks from Grayson Gilmour and Paperghost!! Name your price for the download.


Thursday, June 7th, 2012

Athuzela Brown - Tides

Young dream-folk wonders, Athuzela Brown, release their beautiful debut album this Monday 11th June! In the mean time, check out / download their excellent 2011 EP for free here…

And a live video from the Calming Deities and Sacred Spaces exhibition, thanks to Lucy McCallum:

///// ATHUZELA BROWN \\\\\ from Lucy McCallum on Vimeo.


Monday, May 7th, 2012

Nat Lib

“To celebrate New Zealand Music Month (the rad folks at the National Library of New Zealand) have lovingly compiled for you, dear library user, a compilation of fantastic recent songs by NZ musicians, covered by a Creative Commons licence. Feel free to download these songs, play them loud, and share them with your friends. Happy listening.”

Featuring tracks by Seth Frightening, ¡Recuerde!, Anthony Milton, Dick Whyte, Doteyes and more!

Download the Turnbull Mixtape! (ZIP, 126MB)


Friday, November 12th, 2010

Today we officially welcome the dude-ranger extraordinaire Caleb McKenzie, a.k.a Minnelli, to the Sonorous Circle. I’ve been listening to his musical creations through the wall for a few years now but at last we have his excellent second release, the aptly titled ‘2’, to feast our ears upon in slightly higher definition.

Minnelli 2

SCR008 – Minnelli, ‘2’
‘2’ moves cinematically from a restrained but powerful synth-laden epic through hints of dark 80’s, glacial pop and intergalactic dreams of psychedelic bliss while fractured rhythms send a downbeat danceability over swirling, shimmering ambience that flows compellingly towards territory DJ Shadow might have roamed had he been enthused by ancient transcendentalism.

This is a highly varied but coherent and well contoured half hour – an intricately layered and innovative sample-based construction well worth a listen and freely downloadable below for your own convenience.

Click here for free download.


Friday, November 12th, 2010

This beautiful 2-colour 12″ vinyl has at last arrived on our shores thanks to US label Jukboxr, and you can order it from us right hurrrr!

New Zealand and Australian orders below but the rest of the world best acquire from Jukboxr! Also, if anyone in Wellington would like to save some bucks you can avoid the horrendous cost of posting this thing and pick it up from us in Mt Vic (just send us an email to arrange) or grab a copy at the next Glass Vaults show for a mere $20. And if you still haven’t even heard this lovely EP click Click here for the free download!

12″ Colour Vinyl including delivery to: