The Convoy is:

Matt Faisandier and Erin K Taylor.
Currently based in Melbourne, AU.

Momentous Walls Of Noise

Atmospheres immerse and envelop via abstracted, organic and mesmeric audio visual emissions.




Sound as Utilitarianism

The Convoy prefigure a post-apocalyptic world where sound takes religious significance. With soundscape as the surviving creative outlet in an industrial wasteland – harnessed as a form of meditation for the creators and a trance inducing prescription for a decimated populace.

This is sound as utilitarianism. Instruments fashioned as though the three Rs aren’t a philosophy but a necessity. This is noise without ego or pretension.

Like Brutalist Architecture celebrates the capabilities of concrete, The Convoy revel in the possibilities of industrial cast-offs normally relegated to the side of a highway.”

– Sean J Verney (Bitumen)


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Matt created and operates Magnet rehearsal and recording studios in North Coburg. He is also a member of Akaname, Ornithologist and Perpetual Balance. Past involvements include the now defunct Donatello.

Erin makes solo sound too: listen here! + find writing, installations & further info here.


The Convoy release Astral Lantern Seed

Astral Lantern Seed

Astral Lantern Seed is the first work in an archival series of releases documenting unexpected circumstances of creative transience.  ‘Seeds’ are latent recordings of spontaneous and emerging soundings uncovered while  exploring other sonic landscapes. ‘Seeds’ enshrine the valuable source potential of creative unfoldings and flourishings, honouring  that potential unto itself.

Daydreams, lookouts and roadstops. Postcards of places we have visited along the way.

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