Klive is: Ulfur Hansson. Currently based in Reykjavík, Iceland.

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Electronic music made with experimental and IDM tendencies from complex and intriguing sounds. Detailed like detritus with the character of creatures and electrified oceans. Just the right amount of grime with organic grace. Subtle audio manipulation used to create other worlds with the warmth of home. This is an album that requires patience, for there is little that is rushed and with much layering and depth it remains elusive after repeat listens. Originally self-released in Iceland in 2008, Sweaty Psalms is now available for download or on CD in limited supply from our neck of the woods!

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“The album successfully holds an organic feel and can be seen as playful although there is a slight trickster edge to the side of the fun, with dark elements lurking amongst the play of tones. ” Review on Cyclic Defrost after 2011 Europe release on Mille Plateaux.

Ulfur is a member of the hardcore band Swords of Chaos and plays bass and monome in the touring band for Jonsi (aka, Jón Þór Birgisson of Sigur Ros).

Read our interview with Ulfur in which we discussed elves, the Universe and what it’s like making music in Iceland.