i.ryoko is:
Thomas Lambert. Currently based in Wellington, NZ.

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SCR028 – Opening
Released May 28, 2014

This album was created predominantly in early 2014 when i.ryoko was the Artist in Residence at the Audio Foundation.

“…Mixing each of its tracks for the maximum of sonic richness and emotional impact, I.Ryoko has created an album that follows in the strongest traditions of exploratory electronic music while taking stock of the latest possibilities of digital sound. Opening is, at all of its diverse moments, an immersive listening experience that demands attention, constantly reminding the listener of its composer’s expertise and his drive to tell the stories of our world.”
– Alex Mitcalfe Wilson (cargocollective.com/retaildisplay)

SCR023 – Sacred Space

SCR022 – Rarities (2007 – 2011)

A collection of seven unrelated tracks. At long last i had to get these out of the way to make way for some new music!

SCR021 – Eschaton Soundtrack (by i.ryoko & Seth Frightening)
Released December 2012

ESCHATON is a theatre show that was performed in the final week of the Mayan calendar, directed by Stella Reid and described as “a layered, visionary and surreal performance… a cosmic drama that uses breathtaking images, puppetry and projection to fly through different worlds, different ages and different rituals of death.” This soundtrack was created by Thomas Lambert (i.ryoko) and Sean Kelly (Seth Frightening) with trumpet played by the actor, Theo Taylor.



Thomas has previously been a member of Seth Frightening, Skyburial, Perpetual Balance, The Enright House and A Flight to Blackout.