Glass Vaults is: Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce.

Born in rural Manawatu this fine pair met at University in Wellington where they began musical experimentation using looping and effects to merge guitar, vocal hooks, synthesizers and drums into a beautiful space of washed textures, pop sensibilities and cutting drum rhythms.

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SCR015 – Into Clear
Released November 2011.

Glass Vault’s Into Clear is a pale blue sky. Half awake / Half asleep. Humming incantations. Richard Larsen and Rowan Pierce – now with the help of Signer & Skallander legend, Bevan Smith – using their usual mishmash of electronics, voice & guitars, have cast forth a new EP; This one more consistently ambient than the last, gently rubbing at your ears like a good friend (for a solid 28 minutes). Each song is a wide open space but extremely delicate; for the most part moving at a slow, almost changeless hover and then shifting subtly as if guided by a gentle hand.

Richard’s singing voice, at times breath-taking, earnestly sets the scene for each track, floating through dream-state electronics singing songs of light and fading memories. Glass Vaults give the listener three choices; engage, submit or ignore. These are hymns for no One but Everyone.

Stoner Gospel anyone?

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SCR006 – Glass EP
Released June 2010
<a href="">They Will Grow by Glass Vaults</a>

Richard and Rowan have taken their guitars, voices, drums and dream-triggering gadgetry, drenched them in the vapour of clouds and given birth to an intimate and sentimental sonic experience. It sounds like nature is patient and melodious on the farm where this here EP was recorded! Five beautiful pop delights with the added bonus of lost-in-the-ocean vibes, all freely downloadable from > here and now available on 12″ Colour Vinyl thanks to US label Jukboxr.

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