A Dead Forest Index is: Adam and Sam Sherry. Currently based in London, England.


A Dead Forest Index perform starkly refined yet richly atmospheric arrangements of guitar, drums and voice – music aptly described as ‘potent’ and ‘compelling… an exercise in restraint and severity’.

Currently based in London, the duo have earned considerable international success in recent years. Extensive touring and collaborations with SAVAGES and CHELSEA WOLFE culminated in the 2016 release of their exemplary debut album, ‘In All That Drifts From Summit Down’. Released on the Sargent House label, the album sits comfortably alongside those of stalwart heavyweights like EARTH and BORIS.


Label: Sargent House.


Recently remastered for Sonorous Circle release, ‘Antique’ is a short and brooding EP. The brothers Sherry have produced four tracks of heavy imagery with layers of vocals that build like a smothering smoke; Eloquently hissing lines like “turning the distance into a pattern… endlessly illuminating”, and “I plant myself inside your veins; they are now my home”. The acapella brings a black out. Guitar lines chug along slowly with a beautifully toned and vibrant sound that blends nostalgically with the drums in their mutually unremitting rhythms. Apocalyptic psalms.

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