Sonorous Circle was originally formed to address our need for direct control over the release of our own music and art, and to provide a reliable shelter for it and us as we forge our way into the future.

The circle is expanding to include others we meet along the way who are of like mind. Everyone involved is totally committed to their art-form to the point of a healthy obsession. We are in it for life. We see artistic integrity as sacred and give the highest authority over releases to the individual(s) who create them.

While we are a registered limited liability company, we are not really business-minded people. Our ‘fault’ in this area seems to lie in the fact that we would rather give things away for free than deny an experience to anyone that cannot afford it. As such, we will offer lots of things for free, (some with an option of payment if you are able and willing) and any charged items will be priced fairly for both the artist and ‘consumer’. Any money that does come our way will be spent to cover our minimal running costs (we work out of our bedrooms) and otherwise put straight back into the creation of hopefully positive and worthwhile experiences.

Any ponderings, give us an email > sonorouscircle[AT]gmail[DOT]com

Many thanks for your support!

A 2015 RNZ interview/feature on SC, by Samuel Scott:

SC interview from Under the Radar thanks to Courtney Sanders.
SC article from VUW’s Salient Magazine thanks to James Beavis.

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