day 04 – refinements

July 13, 2018

Today was a day of refinement and distillation, during which I began tentatively moulding the preliminary, improvised recordings I had produced in Studio 3 with a view to releasing them at some future juncture as an addendum of sorts to pt. 3 – 5 (2018).

This reflective, editorial mode extends to my thinking around the structure and methodology to be employed during the performance in the spatial studio on the 21st. Initially, it had been my intention to preform one long piece of around 40min, using a sound palette designed to illicit the illusive tingles of ASMR. However, today, following my tests with digitally generated tones in Studio 3, this plan has changed slightly, and I am now working with the intention of presenting two shorter works of roughly 20min, one using a palette of digital tones and manipulations, the other a palette of ASMR-style clicks, rustles, hums, hisses and pops.

This adjustment of intent came as a result of the pleasing progress I felt I had made ‘playing’ the EQ in a manner aiming to approximate panning. Though, to this point I am working within the confines of a stereo, the efficacy of the 16-band EQ unit when it comes to sending particular sounds from one speaker to the next is impressive. This is as true when using digital tones and it is with sonic-objects.

image day 04, eq @ arts hotel

This process of refinement also relates to the set I am to play at Bar Open’s Make It Up Club  on the 17th, alongside my dear friend Tim Player on saxophone, Lilly Tait on violin, and Llara Goodall on tape manipulation. Initially, it had been my intent to perform on a guitar, manipulated first within Reaper, and then further using the EQ unit. Now, however, with the confident and dexterity I feel I’ve gained sans guitar, I feel it may be an unnecessary and cumbersome acoustic addition to an otherwise spare electronic array of possible sounds and manners of manipulation.

The final aspect to which the theme of this post applies is my earlier references to ‘the cave’ (which I have since amended). I am now aware that the space I had perviously referred to as ‘the cupboard’ is in fact ‘the cave’, and that which I had called, ‘the cave’ (in which I will spend the bulk of my remaining waking hours in Melbourne), is in fact known as ‘the bunker’. Corrections not withstanding, I suspect ‘the bunker’ will remain for the ‘the cave’.

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